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5 star Rating in 2016

Deficiency Free in 2014
Pennsylvania Department of Health

4-Star Rating 2 Years in a Row
Center for Medicaid Services

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To all staff and volunteers who make….services….available….THANK YOU.

Margaret Schantz, formerly on D-2, was a very special person to me. She enjoyed going to Church Services, Bingo, the Library, Music Performances and special activities and programs. Many activities she had never experienced before coming to Cedarbrook. She was an avid fisherman during her life and loved the fishing events at Cedarbrook. Her trip to the Allentown Fair was also enjoyable and memorable for her! To all staff and volunteers who were instrumental in making all these services, events and activities available to her…THANK YOU. Your service to the residents makes such a complete, enjoyable experience while they reside at Cedarbrook.”
- Barbara Ansfree, Fogelsville, July 2015

The facility is maintained spotlessly clean, the staff is very professional…

Mom has been at Cedarbrook about 13 months and my brother Louie and I can only give exemplary reviews to the care and comfort she has received. The facility is maintained spotlessly clean, the staff is very professional, sincerely gracious and caring and the entire experience has kept my Mom busy, in good spirits and involved in the many activities provided daily. We are hopeful that Cedarbrook will be there to continue to provide the wonderful care they do to the senior citizens of the Lehigh Valley. P.S. Mom, Sue Belletieri, will reach the tender age of 100 on November 1st!””
- Gene & Louie Belletieri, Allentown, July 16, 2015

Care and compassion that make the facility and its people worth millions

My mother spent over 4 years as a resident of Cedarbrook – Allentown. The staff took amazing care of her while she was there. Initially I visited at all times of the day and night – fearing that if I wasn’t there, she’d be forgotten. No matter the time of the visit, I was welcomed as family. The staff was always by her side and she was always clean and well groomed. As her dementia progressed, her care became more complicated and harder for our family to understand and accept. The staff became more diligent and creative, finding ways to work with her and ways to support all of us. I feared placing my mom in skilled nursing meant I lost my mom. In fact, placing my mom at Cedarbrook Allentown meant I gained a new family and could be the daughter she deserved. I remain in contact with my Cedarbrook family and visit even though it’s been more than a year that mom is gone. The dignity and respect shown to patients, the quality of medical care, the compassion and support given to families makes Cedarbrook an institution I highly recommend to all who need the services provided. Cedarbrook may not have the cherry wood furniture and fancy surroundings that often impress a consumer but it has the dedicated staff, care and compassion that make the facility and its people worth millions. Cedarbrook and staff were there when I needed them most and, most importantly, there when mom needed them most and, for that, I will be forever grateful.”
- Vicky Kistler, Whitehall, PA

Allentown Cedarbrook staff shows compassion, concern

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the care my husband, Ralph Zettlemoyer, received during his time at Cedarbrook, the Lehigh County nursing home. The nurses and aides on D-5 were such a blessing to us. The kindness, compassion and concern, not only for Ralph but also for our entire family, were truly a gift to us. Every day I felt welcomed when I came for a visit. I appreciated the time that was taken to update me on any changes and concerns when I called in the mornings and the evenings. I never expected to be so comfortable with others taking care of him, but I always felt they had his, and my, best interests at heart, and I felt that they did their very best to keep me in the loop. More than anything I am grateful for the dignity they allowed him to have up until the end of his life. I would, without hesitation, recommend Cedarbrook to people who find themselves in a situation where they can no longer care for their loved ones.”
- Patricia H. Zettlemoyer, Upper Macungie Township, Letter to the editor, Morning Call, June 11, 2015

Cedarbrook staff provides compassionate care

My mother was a resident at Cedarbrook, the Lehigh County nursing home in South Whitehall Township, for 14 months through December 2013. Yes, the place is dated. It could use a facelift—new paint and a new, more modern décor. However, that was not the most important factor I considered when I was choosing a care facility for my mother. The nurses and care-giving staff are excellent and far outweigh the décor. My mother received loving, compassionate care and enjoyed the many available activities. I would say to all those looking for a facility for a loved one to consider Cedarbrook. You may be surprised at what you will find.”
- Sharon L. Beson, Lower Macungie Township, Letter to the editor, Morning Call, April 12, 2015

Cedarbrook follows its mission

After a long illness, my husband became a resident of Cedarbrook at Fountain Hill. His admittance followed over several years that of his grandmother, my mother and my sister. We entailed all scenarios—private pay, Medicare and Medicaid. We were welcomed with open arms and warm hearts each time. There is no doubt in my mind that Cedarbrook will rise above any situation facing Lehigh County and continue to fulfill the legacy of its mission statement found in the word CHOICES – a Community with Heart Offering Individualized Care and Excellent Service. As a visitor and volunteer for 20-plus years, I offer my thank you and God’s blessings to the staffs of both Cedarbrooks.”
- Rita Y. King, Allentown Letter to the editor, Morning Call, March 14, 2015


What Lehigh County Families Say About Cedarbrook

Dignity and respect

My mother has been a resident at Cedarbrook for about 6 months. Her care is excellent and she is afforded the dignity and respect that she deserves in all areas. I am impressed by the quality of all the staff and full of gratitude that my mother can spend her senescence being cared for at the highest quality possible. Thank you to the staff, administration and everyone who makes it possible.”
- Jaan Naktin

Deserving their 5 star rating

My mom has been a resident of Cedarbrook for four months and from the day we walked in, we have been treated with kindness, compassion and caring. The nurses and staff are wonderful. Mom has a problem with her legs and in the short time of her residency, shows remarkable improvement. Keep up the great work and thank you for giving me peace of mind knowing mom is in the best of hands.”
- Cindy Graf

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