Memory Support

Practical Ways to Support Memory Function

The Cedarbrook Memory Support team helps manage problems to enable people to retain their confidence and independence for as long as possible. Memory loss is often one of the first signs of dementia. Initially, memory lapses may be mistaken for the normal forgetfulness that often increases as people grow older or when they become stressed. However, in someone with dementia, it will gradually become apparent that the memory problems are becoming more severe or persistent.

If a person’s forgetfulness could put him or her at risk, you may be able to take precautions that can help them live safely. These might be as simple as leaving a written reminder by the door so that they don’t forget their keys when they go out. There are four common areas in which people with memory loss experience difficulty:

At Cedarbrook, memory support is provided as needed with professional oversight and individual programming to provide a sense of comfort, physical and social interaction, techniques for coping with memory loss, reminiscence therapy, cognitive stimulation therapy and memory aids.

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