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200 Volunteers Bring Support and Happiness

Welcome to the Cedarbrook Senior Care and Rehabilitation Volunteer team! Volunteers are very important to the enrichment of our residents’ lives. No matter what your duties as a volunteer are or how many hours you donate, please know that you are part of our health care team and play a critical role in providing the best care possible to our residents. In many cases, you provide that extra time and attention that otherwise might not be possible.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Volunteer Coordinator who will inform them of the formal process required to begin service at either of the Cedarbrook facilities. A personal interview will then be scheduled.

Included here, the application must be completed and submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator at the scheduled interview.

• Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent consent form signed prior to volunteering and both parent and volunteer read & sign our “Do and Don’t” Form also included in Handbook.
• Volunteers over the age of 18 who will have direct contact with residents must undergo a Criminal History Record Check.
• Two forms of ID must be presented. You must bring your original Social Security Card and a photo ID from either your driver’s license or passport.

All applicants must meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine skills and interests for best placement and to learn about existing volunteer opportunities. At this time they will also receive information on policies, procedures, responsibilities and a tour of the nursing home.

Assignments are based upon the skills required to perform the task and the availability of the volunteer. All volunteer opportunities will have written position descriptions and these will be utilized in matching volunteer’s skills to those needed to perform requested tasks. If the match is not successful by either party, the Volunteer Coordinator should be notified.

There is a great need for Spanish speaking volunteers and drivers who are qualified to transport residents to various in-house locations and throughout the community.

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to sign in/out each time he/she volunteers and to notify the Volunteer Office of any change in address or emergency information so that records are current at all times. All hours will be totaled each month by the Volunteer Office for submitting all required reports.

When a volunteer wants to discontinue his or her service, it is important to give as much notice as possible to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers who do not adhere to the rules and procedures of Cedarbrook or who fail to perform their volunteer assignments are subject to dismissal.


Volunteers are considered valuable resources to the nursing home, staff and its residents. Volunteers will be given meaningful assignments. Volunteers have the right to full participation in Cedarbrook activities and will be recognized for their efforts. It is expected that volunteers will perform their duties to the best of their ability and abide by volunteer policies and procedures. At no time should a volunteer be utilized to displace any paid employees from their position.


Volunteers should keep in mind that they represent Cedarbrook to family members, visitors, and the public.

• Name badges must be worn whenever volunteering. This identifies you as a volunteer and enables the residents and staff to get to know you more rapidly. Please put your first name only on this badge.
• Clothing should be clean and modest in style. Acceptable clothing are as follows: Jeans (in good condition without holes, Capri pants, and longer shorts, when weather permits. T-shirts without offensive language or designs, shirts/blouses must be long enough to meet slacks when arms are raised. Fabrics that are sheer enough to see through are inappropriate.
• No undergarments are to be visible at any time.

Volunteers may have access to confidential, medical, personal, and financial information in the performance of their duties. Every volunteer is responsible for protecting confidentiality of information in regard to residents and to the nursing home at large. All volunteers must sign a Confidentiality Agreement before assuming their tasks.

Infection Control is everybody’s business. Reviewing basic infection control information is essential to keep our residents, families and yourself healthy. Good hand hygiene is your first line of defense against the spread of infection. Proper hand hygiene prevents the spread of microorganisms from staff/volunteer to resident, from resident to staff/volunteer and from resident to resident. Good hand hygiene can be achieved through washing with soap and water and using an alcohol based sanitizer that is 60%-90% alcohol.

A very important and necessary volunteer assignment is transporting residents to activities, therapy, and programs. Some will just need arm assistance, while most will be in wheelchairs or geriatric chairs. All volunteers will be schooled in wheelchair manipulation at the time of their Orientation. Subject matter covered will be issues like medication, footrests and brakes.

Cedarbrook volunteers are VIP’S: VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Your gift of time and talents are the best gifts anyone can receive. The attention you shower upon our residents assures them that someone loves and cares about them. We thank you for choosing to volunteer at Cedarbrook and hope that in sharing your time and talents, you will be rewarded with joy and contentment in witnessing the difference you are able to make in a resident’s life.

Please contact the Volunteer Office in order to learn more about being a volunteer at Cedarbrook and to read and sign the Statement of Understanding. There are more volunteer guidelines and tips to be reviewed. Youth volunteers will need the verification and signature of their parents or guardians.

Phone: 610-336-5684.

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