Therapeutic Recreation

Something for Everyone

Therapeutic Recreation provides a variety of therapeutic activities, leisure education and recreational programs to meet the interests and needs of each resident at Cedarbrook. Residents are invited to participate in recreational programs, which occur both on and off the nursing units, and within the community. Activity schedules are posted and a monthly newsletter for each facility offers much more information. Families and friends are welcome to participate!

Cedarbrook staff prides itself on offering a highly active schedule, with programs and opportunities for residents to creatively get involved in ways that enhance their independence and personal strengths. The Therapeutic Recreation Department has staff at both Cedarbrook Allentown and Fountain Hill. Teams create social programming with a seasonal or vocational focus, providing individualized activities that match the capabilities and needs of each person. This helps the healing process immensely and families are encouraged to join in the recreational festivities. Here is a list of pertinent, ongoing events and programs:

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