Resident Services

We believe that the Cedarbrook family of residents is entitled to dignified, respectful care and quality of life. Our staff endeavors to satisfy the individual needs of each resident and maintain high standards of care. The following services are available to all residents. However, please note that a doctor’s order may be required for some services.

Barber and Beauty Services

These services, which include haircuts, shampoos, hair styling and perms are available to residents Monday through Friday on a regularly scheduled basis.

Chaplain Services

We employ chaplains who are available to provide spiritual counseling, ecumenical worship services, small support groups, hospital visits and memorial services.

Dining Services

A therapeutic diet is prescribed for each resident by the attending physician in consultation with a qualified dietician. A dietician is available to meet with residents and/or their family members to discuss diet and food preferences.

Financial Management
At the resident’s family’s request, Cedarbrook will assume responsibility for handling the resident’s finances upon admission. Each resident’s account will be maintained in accordance with federal and state regulations. An accounting of the resident’s finances is provided on a quarterly basis.

Hospice services are available for terminally ill residents who prefer comfort measures to aggressive treatment. (This includes end-stage Alzheimer’s Disease.) Specially trained nurse aides provide daily palliative care for the resident. A hospice nurse visits regularly to review medications and maintain contact with the family. A hospice social worker and chaplain are available to provide emotional and spiritual support to families and residents.

Interdisciplinary Plan of Care Meetings
Within three weeks following the admission of a new resident, a care plan conference is scheduled by the Resident Assessment Department. This conference is attended by the following professional staff: assessment nurse, dietician, nursing staff, social worker, rehabilitation staff, and therapeutic recreation staff. Following this initial care plan conference, similar conferences may be held quarterly, when there is significant change in the resident’s medical condition, and annually. These conferences are also attended by the professional staff listed above. The resident and his or her family or legal representative are invited to attend these conferences.

All residents are supplied with clean linens, towels, washcloths, etc., as needed. Resident’s clothing is laundered off-site by a laundry services provider. Laundry may be done at home by the resident’s family if so desired. Resident laundry rooms are available at each facility for those residents (or their family members) who wish to launder the resident’s personal clothing on site. These facilities are available 24 hours per day at no cost to the resident; however, detergent, fabric softener, etc. must be purchased.

Medical Services
Each facility employs a medical director who oversees the medical care that is provided to the resident’s staff. Physicians are assigned to each nursing unit.  A staff physician will become the resident’s primary physician during his or her stay at Cedarbrook.
Cedarbrook arranges for residents to be treated by specialists within the facility as needed. Specialties include: audiology, colon/rectal, urology, neurology, optometry, ophthalmology, surgery, dentistry, podiatry, orthotics, and others, as required. Services may be provided at the resident’s bedside as well as in the Clinics Department. If a resident must be referred to a specialist who does not provide services at our facilities, our staff will make the appointment, provide transportation, and arrange for a staff person to accompany the resident.

Nursing Services/Restorative Nursing

Cedarbrook provides nursing and related services so that the resident can attain and maintain the highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being as determined by the resident’s individual plan of care. Nursing services are provided on a twenty-four hour per day basis by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nurses’ aides.

Psychiatric/Psychological Services
Psychiatrists visit Cedarbrook weekly, and are also on call, to consult with staff and residents about mental health issues, and to recommend appropriate medication as necessary. Licensed psychologists are available to provide psychological evaluations, individual counseling, behavioral management and staff in-services.

Rehabilitative Services
The Rehab Department is comprised of three disciplines: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Rehab Services are provided if such services are medically necessary, and ordered by the resident’s attending physician. Rehab Services enable residents to achieve the highest level of functionality possible by improving or restoring functions which have been impaired by illness or injury. Services are provided Monday through Friday. Cedarbrook’s exceptional Rehab team, comprised of licensed therapists, licensed therapy assistants, and rehab aides, works with other members of the interdisciplinary team in order to provide the most effective treatment plan and outcomes for each resident.

Resident’s Council
All residents are invited to participate in monthly Residents’ Council meetings. The Council elects residents to serve as officers for the group. The Resident Council officers are assisted in their activities by the Social Service staff. Recommendations made by the Council are given consideration by administration, staff and other residents.

Social Services
A social worker is assigned to each resident upon admission. Social workers are available to identify and address the psychosocial needs and behavioral issues of the residents. Family concerns may be directed to the Social Service Department.

Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation provides a variety of alternative therapies, leisure education and diversion activities. Residents are invited to participate in recreational programs, which occur both on and off the nursing units, and within the community. Activity schedules are posted and a monthly newsletter offers much more information. Families and friends are welcome to participate!

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