Rate Schedule

Rate Schedule Effective 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Charges for services may be covered by Medicare, Medical Assistance or other health insurance policies if the resident meets the qualifying requirements. We will be happy to explain how reimbursement and payment works.

Charges for Services
The charges for services are as follows: Nursing Facility Care $330.00 per day regardless of room accommodations, effective January 15, 2018. The daily rate includes nursing care, meals, activities, laundry and housekeeping. The daily rate does not include medications, medical supplies, laboratory services, physician visits and procedures, parenteral nutrition (PEN therapy), or special services.

Ancillary Services
Medicare, Medical Assistance, and/or your private insurance may pay for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, as well as other services. Information on the charges for other ancillary services listed below is available upon request.

• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Physician Visits and Procedures
• Laboratory Services
• Pharmacy/Prescription Drugs
• Medical Supplies
• Parenteral Nutrition (PEN) Therapy

Questions regarding this matter can be directed to the Financial Services Department. Phone: 610-336-5621.

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