“Someone Special” Award

Cedarbrook’s volunteer Janice Epler was honored with the “Unsung Heroes” award from Lehigh County Agency on Aging.  A formal ceremony was held on May 16, 2018.  Cedarbrook is so proud to have such a deserving volunteer as Janice Epler.  She not only meets, but far exceeds the criteria for this wonderful award.  At 81 years young, she is an inspiration to everyone.

Janice has faithfully volunteered at Cedarbrook for over 24 years. She is like a superhero.  Janice leads residents as they sing for our choir rehearsal every Thursday.  She not only plays the piano, she also prepares specific hymns that will be special to celebrate our Sunday church service each week.  She encourages each choir member to sing a solo or a duet. This really makes them feel special.  She is the cheerleader for our residents. Janice is very patient and kind with everyone, as she reminds them that they are doing well singing their praises to the Lord.  She is passionate about helping others and is always quick to make someone smile.  Knowing that music is one of the longest lasting things in a person’s memory; Janice is so delighted when residents are able to remember the words to a hymn.  I think she is just as delighted about it as the resident.  When Cedarbrook decided to add a Hymn Sing to our weekly events, Janice jumped right on board to provide the music.  She is so upbeat and vivacious it is infectious to everyone around her, despite some physical challenges.  It is so easy to see her love of music and the Cedarbrook residents makes her a true blessing to have as our volunteer.  Janice has also played the piano or organ at many other Cedarbrook events.  One of her greatest gifts is a remarkable ability to touch others and bring out the sunshine in a person’s day.  She keeps the Cedarbrook community singing and smiling.

Janice has received the Presidential Service Award three times for her dedicated work at Cedarbrook. She is also active in her community, helping others whenever she is able.


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