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Recipients of the Lehigh County Unsung Hero’s Award 2017

Cedarbrook Nursing Home – Allentown Auxiliary

The Cedarbrook Allentown Auxiliary was honored to receive the “Unsung Heroes” award from Lehigh County Agency on Aging. A formal ceremony was held on May 17, 2017.  Cedarbrook is so proud to have our Allentown Auxiliary chosen for this wonderful award.

Cedarbrook Nursing Home’s Allentown Auxiliary began in 2005. The mission of the Auxiliary is to raise funds for the acquisition of equipment or supplies required and/or needed by Cedarbrook – Allentown. You may wonder how this happens… it is through all the hard work, sincere dedication, and strong spirits of our Auxiliary members.  They often tell me how they love being busy with such a meaningful mission.  They are some of the hardest-working seniors I know.  They don’t let their age stop them from their passion of serving others.  In fact, they encourage others to join them in their quest to bring happiness to the lives Cedarbrook Nursing Home residents.

These wonderful people sell Gertrude Hawk candy bars, bake goods, and soda five days a week. They also hold a special food sale monthly, everything from hoagies, sandwiches, and soups to cabbage and noodles. This sale includes a selection of home-made bake goods, donated by members.  Several times a year they also hold basket raffles, pretzel sales, and nacho sales.

Our Auxiliary uses these funds to purchase many special things for the enjoyment of the Cedarbrook residents. Live music throughout the year, on stage as well as strolling through our dementia & Alzheimer’s units for those residents who are unable to come to the auditorium.  These performers provide great engagement for our residents, socially, mentally, and physically, as residents sing along and clap to the beat of the music.  Proving that age is not a barrier to having fun.  Craft and party supplies of all kinds, Mylar balloons for each resident’s birthday, flowers for the resident’s patio areas, décor for use on the living units, upkeep of the huge fish tank in our Family Room.  All of these things bring so much happiness to our residents; while bringing awareness to friends, family members, and staff about the importance of being engaged and connected thru every stage of life.  They also provide Christmas gifts for residents who otherwise would not receive one.  This not only includes paying for them, but this past year our auxiliary members also shopped for gifts for 75 residents.

A very special Bingo is sponsored once a month by our Auxiliary. At this bingo each resident who attends receives a monetary prize for coming and winners receive extra money.  Not only do they donate all the prize money, they also assist residents who have difficulty playing on their own.

This past year the Auxiliary gave a very generous donation toward the purchase of a specialized computer. The name of this computer system is, “It’s Never Too Late (iN2L).” This amazing computer provides customized, meaningful engagement, increases the quality of life, breaks down barriers, and helps with memory loss for our residents, particularly those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.   In 2016 the Auxiliary raised and distributed over $12,000 in funds to enrich the lives of our residents.

All of these things are important to our Auxiliary. They take great pride and pleasure in the knowledge that they are able to help our residents have a fun and meaningful life.  Through their efforts our residents are offered a great variety of opportunities each week to “Age Out Loud.”  I know we at Cedarbrook Nursing Home all appreciate this vibrant group of very active seniors.  They truly exemplify “Unsung Heroes.”